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Erik Bont



erik bont is an austrian-born artist, main focused on photography and film.
in his early years, he worked a long time in a capitalistic job where money
was the only real deal. after studying more and more, he learned to look behind
the carpet of our world as we know it: represented like 'everything is perfect.
all humans are happy. our system is the best'. erik recognized soon that all this
media shown shit is a lie. let's face the facts: there is no perfection in our system.

there is no humanity in the main part of our politics. and our emotions are exchanged
more and more into money.
after recognizing this facts, all his backed-up anger about this topic is shown
in some of his works, and his ambition was one thing: if this 'real' world steals
emotions, then give the emotions back to the people! using the energy of his dreams,

assembling his fantasies and emotions, for creating his own world, he shows people

that emotions are more powerful than printed paper called 'money'. so in the end this

is the main reason why eriks powerful art-pieces are representing him as a human being,

not as a souvenir of business. in every art-piece erik makes, his intention is to seduce the

observer to sense the emotions that forced his mind, his heart and his soul while doing each

specific work.
he loves to shock, fascinate and amaze people. polarizing with his work is his mindset.
'emotions are dominating the new world order.'
erik started with his art on 23 february 2005. this was his second birthday.





Femme Fatale - St. Gallen, Schweiz


text/foto: erik bont