Bernd Walz

Earth, Green and a High Sky
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Earth, Green and a High Sky

# BWA13022

Serie: Rural Space



Limitierte Auflage 100 Stk / Zertifikat mit Signierung
Grösse: 90x60cm


Dieses Format ist erhältlich als:

  • Foto Print Lambda
  • Kaschierung (Acrylscheibe)





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Bild Info


Shot in the rolling hills oft he Heilbronner Land, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

text: bernd walz



Serie Info


I am fascinated by the wide, open space of agriculturally used areas, their emptyness and their graphical appeal. In this emptyness one is alone with oneself – a place for contemplation. In my photographic project “Rural Space” I try to capture the chilly mood of these open landscapes, their structural simplicity and graphical appeal.

text: bernd walz