Leonardo Tommasin - 

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Leonardo Tommasin is a London-based photographer specialising in
advertising, still life and fashion.

Interested in social and cultural themes,
his distinctive style reflects his fine art education and extensive experience gained in
photography studio settings.


He has collaborated on several fine art photography projects including:
“The Wandering Cemetery”, exhibited in 2007 at the Venice Biennale and "Casbah Revolution",
for Secret Cinema and Old Vic Tunnels in London 2011.

His work has appeared in Vogue Italia, The Independent, Urban Magazine,
Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine and Company Magazine.

His clients include: Abahna cosmetics, Elys of Wimbledon, Peserico spa, Fusina Plex.
He has also contributed to food books including “Ogni cosa a suo tempo”,
by award-winning chef Gianluca Tomasi.


photo/text by Leonardo Tommasin / website www.leonardotommasin.com




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