Anton Höllersberger - 

Florida nature

Anton Höllersberger 

Artist. Photographer.


Almost forever.


If a picture was a sound what would it be like?

If a little black dot on your kitchen table could talk what would it speak of?


Anton Höllersberger, 1979 born Austrian artist and photographer draws our attention towards the sheer beauty, the singularity of the daily life phenomenon, the so easily overlooked detail that can make a whole difference in our days of haze.

And WHAT a difference it makes!

The passion igniting spark for the art of photography burst out when his uncle, the well known photolithographer Viktor Forkert, in an act of initiation presented the adolescent Anton with his first camera, a Linhof Supertechnika 4 x 5 inch on his 16th birthday.

In 1999 he attended the University of Fine Arts in Vienna, studying photography. Soon his professor Peter Kodera detected and acknowledged the young artist´s capacities and talent. The friend-like catalyzer heartened the then twenty-two year old to open up his own studio and follow his unique path.

That´s what he´s been doing since.

Keeping up his youthful approach in an uncorrupted manner, there is a notion of “first time” in each of Höllersberger´s photographic shots .

Whatever he touches and captures with his fervent photographic eye,

it becomes alive. Almost forever.


Frenk Lebel, Songwriter, Vienna, Sept. 2011




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