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Cachoeira do Buracão

Mauricio Kaye


xx In fact photography is a tecnic that mixed with love, dedication and sensibility could became an extraordinary art. The secret of this process is to transform the photo on a message and attribute to it a true meaning. So thats why its necessary to unify in one unique moment the technical aspect and the subjective point of view of the photographer. Without this personal subjective intervention the photograph will be reduced only as a simple documentary register.


The most important thing is to be on the right place in the right time and unify in the same point of view the head, the look and the heart. In consequence of this fact photography becames one of the most fantastic forms of expression, it becames a perfect art transforming a simple second on an eternal image.


Based on this philosophy, Mauricio Kaye, 36 years, from Rio de Janeiro had become part of a new generation of talents, that already has an impeccable collection of photograph. With an adventured spirit, lover of nature and sports, Mauricio shows on each of his work a bit of his talent and sensibility. "I love what I do", says Mauricio that mix his passion about photograph with a born talented gift.

His first steps on the world of photography was when he registered some great landscapes on trips over Brasil. "It was only a hobby, but it growth on each day" says Mauricio. Based on this moment he knew that photography was entering his life forever.


Allied to all this Mauricio uses his extended knowledge on computer science in benefit of photography. "Nowadays with the arrival of the digital era, computer science has become essencial to photograpy, that allied with the art of photograph turn possible the construction of the perfect and complete professional".


Text / Foto by Mauricio Kaye

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